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Background History Screenings

So we all want to make the best decisions we can make each day.

When it comes to hiring someone to work for you, checking that person's background has become a common thing to do. It just makes sense. A person's past behavior may shape their future behavior, so you should make sure their past behavior was acceptable and trustworthy.

Most employment checks look at a person's background including their work history, financial records, and criminal records. Companies that do this regularly generally have an account with a professional employment screening company.

These companies need to follow somewhat strict government regulations regarding what types of records they look at. Businesses need to be aware that they may be breaking some of these regulations if you just try to do a background search themselves.

Four companies that regularly do these types of background searches include Kroll Background Screening, Intelius Company, USSearch Service and Checkmate.

Background screenings are routinely asked for by employers, especially when the candidate is being considered for a financial position, a position of trust, or where any type of security is a concern, such as a position that requires a security clearance. These checks are used by employers to either pass or fail potential candidates.

These screenings may involve character checks from people that know the subject along with verifying employment, job and volunteering references.

Employers will also look into employment gaps in someone's history when there was a time when they didn't have a job. Employers are often curious about these time periods.

Background checks will also verify a person's actual identity. And most employers are very interested in whether or not a potential hire has a criminal record or not.

Some small employers may only search through a person's FaceBook page or a LinkedIn page and call one or two previous employers of the job candidate. And, in fact, that's how most employers used to it.

But these days, most companies will hire a company to do a thorough background screening for them. These companies are able to access all the right public and private databases in order to provide a pretty solid snapshot into someone's history.

These companies will want a full name, SSN and a current address to get started.

It's really hard for any individual or non-related company to do a good background screening on their own. It really takes a professional service to do it right.

We encourage all companies to sign up with an experienced screening service.